(WIP) Shaky Lines

Totem pole of DOOM. From bottom: Haruko, Spoony, Deeum and Chelsea.

Since I had more extra space than I thought I would… edged in Hikaru and Numair, and to the right of the totem pole… Cal, with a box of ornaments (probably a few in the final version).

Poor Hikaru, most of the time she’s the only one who seems to behave like a responsible adult and worry that someone might get hurt unnecessarily in all the reckless tomfoolery.

Also, as promised… the new christmas mods for Hikaru, Haruko and Numair. While Chelsea’s new holiday duds are definitely on the complex end of the scale, Hikaru’s Mistletoe Maximillian definitely comes close. :P And why yes, that IS a Mistle-Omb that Numair’s palming. A favored means of light demolition without using magic… or for pranking Denlan. :P

Time permitting, I may indeed do speed-ramens of other character’s christmas mods. It’s pretty much needed for a couple others who have never appeared in a Snowscheme before (Yoshi and Old Lady Kit, to name two). But no more drawing for the moment, though… I think my right hand would kill me.

[info]dmscv, still trying to figure out what I want… all I know is that it will involve Reindeer Numair. I’ll have to sleep on it a little more. Also, in general, feel free to mooch off something in the Snowscheme queue, even if it overlaps with something I end up doing. There is always room for more holiday lulz. :D

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