A teaser to winter

I’m Yoshi and I stick my nose up at Thanksgiving. Phooey!

I’ve the first Snowscheme (the human totem pole, as suggested by [info]dmscv) sketched and ready to ink… but I felt the need to interrupt long enough to plan out some of the updated Christmas modifications to some of the character outfits. Right now, of characters who have appeared in a Snowscheme before, Haruko, Numair and Chelsea are getting either heavily-modified or new outfits outright. Haruko’s getting a longer Santa-themed cocktail dress, Numair’s getting a brown Sneaking Suit (with some fuzzy effects), and Chelsea, well… just see for yourself:

Yeah, it’s a Christmas mod of her original Tales of Destiny outfit. (It’s not unreasonable to think that she brought it with her, just as Haruko had brought her old FLCL gear along.)
This was a speed-paintjob, so the coloring and such is a bit rough (and she’s standing on her toes if you’re wondering why her feet look a bit small)… but it’s enough to give an idea as to what she’ll be packing this time. Obviously in full Snowschemes the quality will be MUCH better.

I’ll be posting later with the Christmas mods for Numair, Haruko and Hikaru (her Mistletoe Maximillian gets a couple of minor tweaks too), but for reasons of cute, I was compelled to do Chelsea first. :P

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