Can’t this at least wait until after I get my car?

Looks like I may have to go diving for Dinah’s warranty paperwork again. x.x

I plugged her in and now she has… well, I can only describe it as “red snow” and her colors are all posterized, like everything on her screen suddenly became a GIF. It goes back to normal depending on the angle of her lid which is… not so good when I have to pretty much keep her halfway closed. Googling this says that this is an indicator that her display might be going. Fortunately, Dinah’s covered until March of next year… and if I end up lopping off a piece of my big CD in January and Best Buy determines that it’s not worth the effort to fix Dinah, replacing her is certainly an option, even though I just boosted her RAM a couple months ago.

Still, booooooooo. Do NOT need this right now. Can’t this wait until next week, when I (hopefully) have my car? That way I don’t have to poke mother into carting me over to Best Buy because surely she would whine and such about being away from her wiggly devil puppies.

On that note, I should probably sleep.

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