We can’t stop here, it’s… Bulldog Country?

If I had any consistent sense of smell, I’d say my house has totally gone to the dogs.

Not one, but TWO English Bulldog puppies have entered the brawl.
What the crap?

We don’t even have a kitchen table anymore. Now it’s been converted to puppy daycare. Sheesh, this has LONG crossed the “excessive” line.

But, I give up on the whole “is mother going to be able to take care of them all?” thing. Aside from Kestine, everyone else is HER problem as far as day-to-day stuff goes.

Yeah, the question of upped insurance premiums got raised. She’s going to fully reimburse me for the vet fees until the insurance policies kick in, and her monthly contribution to the premium’s getting boosted to somewhere around $200 (probably a little higher, I haven’t added Wilson and Snowflake yet since I’m at the library right now). So, at least the added expense won’t spring a gigantic leak in my bank account.

I really hope these are the last additions, though… Mother said that Toby would be the last one, but obviously went back on her word.

If only finding work wasn’t such a giant pain… hopefully next week I may be able to better work on fixing THAT detail, then eventually I can get out of here and into a living environment in which it’s just me and my big orange fluffball. -.-

Time to pack up Dinah, it’s almost time for me to clock in.

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