(WIP) Spooky Kittypile


Yeah, that’s right… let’s get some Chiyo-brand poofy cat suits up in here. Not just Chelsea (in the middle), but Hikaru as well! (This also demands that Hikaru goes pigtailed-mode.) Let’s trick-or-treat with the power of CUTE.

And who is that on the left? Duxx… in a Nekokoneko suit. (It’s offscreen but there’s a cutaway panel of him all :3 underneath.) Though, when I’m done, the actual suit will be all ninja-fied and such so, really, Duxx cosplaying as Nekokoneko cosplaying as Duxx.

Surely this year’s Halloween scribbles have been more on the cute end than of the “HURR LET’S STEAL CANDY FOR LULZ” variety. Wonder what November will bring…? Or, more importantly, December… o.o

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