Tweaking and tweaking and tweaking…

I always forget that after I do something drastic, like change servers, I end up feeling like I did something along the lines of selling my soul for a cookie. Stupid, obvious observation much? :P

Been poking, nudging, setting ablaze, fusing, breaking apart and hacking at the frontend of the new Ayarane Project server for much of the evening. While, graphically, its front page won’t be complete until I replace that background with something a bit more… Yoshi-flavored (like, ramen!), for the most part it’s got everything pretty close to how I want it. :D

Streaming this LJ over to the AP front page isn’t perfect… since it’s being piped via RSS, things like icons and tags and extra stuff won’t transfer. Oh well… I guess if you really want to see, you could just click through! (You have to do that if you want to comment anyway.)

Of course, with this server move, I’ll obviously have to change the way I actually post Instant Ramen serverside. As I said before, from hereon, Instant Ramen files will be posted on the subserver, which now has its own gallery software (because fiddling with Across Universe has TOTALLY spoiled me on automated thumbnailing). The good news is that no more will I have to worry about FTP clients since I can post it from the Ramen CP… the bad news is that anyone who wants the full-sized version is either going to have to click through to loot it themselves, though not that it’s all that difficult anyhow. :P As test fodder (and also because it really was the most recent Ramen), DenRoll was the first to be added under this new subserver.

The only thing that concerns me is not a single thing has touched my primary mailbox all day. Usually I get, like… at least one YouTube notice, or something from the Obama campaign, or spam… but, nothing! Weird, considering that the DNS switch otherwise went without any complaints, so it’s not like anything could have still gone to the old server mailboxes. Then again, it is a weekend… hmm. Well, at worst, all my mission-critical emails are piped into my Roadrunner mailbox.

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