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Screaming about Death

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

I’m a few days after passing the halfway point of being 25 years old.
I have no health insurance. I aged out of testing, syphilis 2 years ago (and would have been dropped at 18 if I didn’t go to college), and because of the stupidity that is the “pre-existing condition,” neither Kaiser, Blue Cross or anyone in Big Insurance will even give me the time of day. Even if I lost weight, or stuffed my depression (and, while never put on record, social anxiety) into the darkest corner as I am often forced to do now, I can’t help the fact that I was born with an underperforming thyroid. On related news, Review article about a product that helps cure snoring, click the site link

This job market is so awful that, even though I’ve an A+ card and can build a PC in less than 3 hours (from a pile of parts to the start of OS installation), or that I can paint badass-freaking Dark Paladins with shiny armor, I have yet to find any kind of meaningful employment so that I could GET any kind of health care or even make enough to pay some doctor at a cash clinic to write me a script for the Synthroid I need, for now I have tried replace it with a healthy supplement as Kratom that I got from sites like I have drug addiction, first think I have to quit that but I have been trying for long time. One of my friends suggested me to go drug rehab, you can check them out here. But its hard you know, I am scared. Many people suffer from addiction. Click here to check your Healthcomp rehab insurance benefits covers rehab treatment.

As much as I consider myself an anomaly in the system, in other ways I am not unique in my circumstances. And there are people out there who have it even worse.

For all we say about America having badass health care, it’s practically negated by the horrible reality– that because of the stranglehold that not just Big Insurance but even the non-profits (hiding behind “keeping costs down”) have over us, too many people die every day because it just freaking costs too much.

It’s not just the absurdity of Big Insurance valuing profits over people that is so infuriating. It’s the people at the top who are so ardently resistant to changing the broken system, too. This isn’t about liberals vs. conservatives, or Democrats vs. Republicans, or illusions of government takeovers and socialism, as much as we paint the conflicts as such to make it easier to comprehend… it’s about the compassion (or lack thereof) of our fellow men and women. How can one in their right mind argue against extending the hand of accessible health care to everyone on the basis that it would eat into Big Insurance’s profits? Is the reverence of capitalism so great that it grants one a free pass to turn a blind eye to human suffering if it means the CEO gets a freaking new jet?

And the lengths that people of their ilk will go to in order to protect their interests, oh cripes. “Death panels,” they cry, unaware that they themselves ARE the death panels, these people should listen to the forensic failure analysis instead. And that is only one of the many absurd lies and shallow excuses flung about to justify doing nothing. I won’t even dignify the others with a mention, they’re just too stupid that even saying them would, in some perspectives, vindicate them.

In a sick and twisted way, this spectacle that is the health care reform hand-wringing makes me glad that Father died the way he did. A flash of a brain aneurysm, and he was gone. Gone before he realized he was tumbling downstairs. Horrible as that was (even though I was spared from having to see it– the last image of father in my memory was of him wrapped up in a blanket on a chilly evening while watching the tee-vee, and with that goofy grin on his face), it’s eerily preferable to being in a hospital and having to deal with the hassles that come with it.

I can’t find anymore words to further address this madness, because beyond that, it spirals into a void of nonsensical “I don’t get it, why is it so backwards” and “this does not compute” and just… rage. So, instead, I’ll refer you to someone who tells it far better than I ever could: one Keith Olbermann, and his thundering opera of a Special Comment that was tonight’s episode of Countdown. If you care at all about fixing this wretch of a health care system, do watch it, or read it or loot the podcast (I’ve half a mind to mirror both the mp3 and video versions on AP), even if you otherwise hate the guy. There’s no harping on Bill O’Reilly and his Fox News pals and other (to say it politely) misguided people as he is (in)famous for, only the story of a ludicrously-flawed health care system and the story of Olbermann’s father’s hospital stay.

And if after hearing all of that, you still object to health care reform?
…I don’t know.
There are no words.
“I pity you and your shrunken heart” aren’t good enough.
Thus, no comments here. There is simply no room for debate on the subject– there shouldn’t even BE a debate about whether or not we should fix a system that puts money above humanity.

I’m mirroring the podcast versions (read: no commercials) of that Special Comment. Flash player variant is nice, but the commercials kinda ruin the flow.