Where logic tries to self-immolate

Once again my dreams try to commit logical suicide. I mean, I know dream canon is not supposed to be coherent all the time, but this is starting to be ridiculous. Even more bizarre is the “Catfather Rule” is locked in– that is, Kestine does not exist, but Father is still alive in some capacity.

In today’s instance, I’m at Macy’s (which I’m pretty sure DOESN’T have an extensive selection of plus-size clothes but whatever) because I got invited to some Jewish social event that [info]brendala‘s involved in– the txt mentioned something bout latkes and I’m all “so freaking there, dood.” :O~ SO. I manage to find some black pantsuit + long scarf that makes me look like a semi-classy adult rather than just a nerd that just wears whatever is clean and not shredded by cat, and here comes mother who is pressing me to hurry because we have to go pick up Evil Stepfather from somewhere. I go to get in line to pay for my loot but mother’s all “HAY LET’S TRY THIS NEW APP THAT WILL LET YOU PAY THROUGH THAT” and it turns out to be this convoluted mess that involves using the iPhone’s camera to scan but it doesn’t work. Eventually I’m just “screw it, I’ll order this stuff online” because it’s taking way too long.

When we get to the Yoshi Car (which is parked in the unloading area in the back of the store) I find that mother has stuffed it with contraband that she snagged from some Post Office holiday kegger. Mostly booze and jewelery and an inverted crossbow (WTF – if you haven’t seen one before, see the inverted crossbows here, they look crazy). I try to clear out the driver’s seat so I can get in, but this junk keeps moving itself back into place and jabbing me in the head and back to do so. Oh hell. This is the part where the laws of physics and logic are trying to kill themselves and take me with them. I’m not having any of this and push the red “WAKE UP” button on the dashboard to end this BS.

Why can’t I have a happy dream? Preferably one with kittens? :( Everything that’s been popping up for the past several months have been this head-breaking nonsense. Sad Yoshi is sad.

Time to order pizza for mah raid.


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  1. Paige Bauder says:

    I dont find the mount the most appealing. What lures me into this the most is getting Diablo 3 for free + a being sure to get into the MoP beta. Now I can finally play and try out this expansion myself, instead of having to follow up on Jesse Cox’s beta videos as I had to do in Cata. yaaay!!