So, OMGCHAIR has been delayed for a little bit (I have fortunately located a spare dinner chair cushion to lessen the ow as a temporary measure), and instead I must attend to Yggdrasil. Awesome old man box is 2 years old, which puts him on schedule for some kind of mid-life upgrade… typically for my machines this means RAM/video card, but in Yggdrasil’s case, it means standing by with a spare replacement hard drive because the one he’s got is grinding like he’s some kind of aspiring dubstep DJ. Considering this dood is my house LAN’s media machine, having him die would be, um… no.

So, Yggdrasil will have this thing on standby, but in addition to that as a more immediate measure, and also because one can never have too much external storage, I’m also looting one of these drives. The best parts: solely powered through the USB port (yay no power brick needed) and it comes in blue. :D

Oh yeah, it’s, like, 2012 now. If the FX channel has any sense of humor, it will spam the everloving smoo out of the disaster flick of the same name–
…wait, it’s not, but Starz is! HAH! They should just have a freaking Roland Emmerich day and spam all his blatantly-disaster movies. :)

But yeah… if we’re going to hype this year as the end of the world, I hope to all things awesome that we get a bunch of kickass new disaster movies out of it.


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