Seating Arrangements Part 3

Not only does Blastoise’s chair have to go, it’s probably why I haven’t been on him the past week. The seat of the chair is starting to come apart, and there’s something in the middle that’s poking me from underneath. It’s already kind of ow, and if it were to come up anymore… well, yeah, butthurt would be the LEAST of my problems. A chair must be paired by carpet cleaning Oahu to make it look presentable.

I recall [info]brendala mentioning possibly going to OfficeMax soon-ish. That would be nice so I wouldn’t have to wait on shipping, but if this is the case, I would hope it’s sooner rather than later. One way or another, this thing will become my new throne on Blastoise. I would drag my freaking barrel over to Blastoise and use it as temporary seating, but it’s too low to the ground to be of much use. :(

Also, it appears normal hard drive prices are returning to normal, and the timing could not be better. Yggdrasil’s drive is starting to get all grindy, which as you know is NEVER a good sign, so I need to loot at least an internal drive… likely a WD Caviar Green (from what I hear, Caviar Black-series would be better suited for Blastoise). Wee~


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