(WIP) Who needs egg nog?

Holy Prinny on a Geo Block, dood! It’s a Snowscheme WIP!

Our opening act is Haruko, Spoony and Aries (sans fake Santa beard, he only puts it on for the guild open house) boozing it up for some drunk caroling. :D
This will also have the honor of being the first Instant Ramen Sketchbook done via Blastoise’s rebuilt body. Wee~

It’s a widely known truth that I draw much, much better at night… but the unfortunate side effect of Blastoise being VERY efficient with his cooling measures is that it causes the room temperature to drop about 10 degrees. Considering that it’s already pushing low 40s in Fontana around midnight… uh, yeah, that means my office is hovering in the low-to-mid-30s. For the most part I don’t mind, but my hands do! I’ll just have to make myself start earlier.

In other Ramen-related news… it occurs to me that Blastoise is now awesome to the point that I could live-stream the drawing sessions. (Another reason I should do this earlier in the day! Or failing that, Justin.tv DOES auto-archive streams for later viewing…) As is, he barely uses up a quarter of his total oomph with Painter, so I don’t think the tools needed to stream his primary monitor should slow him down… On top of that, there could be opportunity for some sass and lulz via Skype. See where I’m going with this? :)

Seeing as I have just been handed peanut butter and honey sammiches and hot chocolate, I’ll probably be awake a little while longer. Too cold to stay here, though… I think this calls for midnight Disgaea 4 Item World shenanigans. >:D

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