Transmigrating Turtles part… something

Hello November. Yeah, it’s time to rebuild Blastoise!

But… I’m going to delay it until right after Thanksgiving, because OMG BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY sales and such. The sum of the parts I need is about $1200 right now (a little higher than what I would like, and the inclusion of a new case is mostly what pushed the total above $1000), so I figure if I wait until the holiday sales kick in, that plus the inevitable releases of the latest minor iteration of parts should (theoretically) take the edge off. At worst? I’ll have piled up a little more rewards points to generate Amazon eCerts. :P

In other news: while I did mostly space out for Halloween (mainly because I was doing that Super Mario World-themed pic for NSFW), I did get a big bag of Reese’s PB Pumpkins. :9 Thus I am not candy-less!

I’m also nearing completion on my “.hack//REPLAY” YouTube project. Long ago I was the first on YouTube to capture the Phase boss battles from the original .hack games in any capacity, and it seems I’ll be the first to capture a (95%+ unedited) full playthrough that ISN’T a) chopped up into 10-minute blocks and b) of questionable video quality. Holy crap I love my capture box and it was totally worth the wait and additional cables to get it working properly. :D
Am I doing a similar series for G.U.? I dunno. Putting aside that it’d be 50% me nerdraging at “Tinkerbell” Atoli… well, for one thing, I’ve been putting off playing Disgaea 4 so I could finish capturing/uploading REPLAY, so if I do a REPLAY version of G.U. it probably won’t be for awhile.

Ramen: Considering Blastoise’s imminent rebuild, November may be split Lazrigees Academy/Avatar month. Dinah never got an armor upgrade even though it’ll have been a year since she went MacBook. >_>;

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