(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Flames, Fappers and Fezzes

Flames, Fappers and Fezzes

Hi. Halloween ramen got preempted because of this thing. To recap, there is this awesome podcast on the interwebs called NSFW and is basically the geek version of Beavis and Butthead (speaking of which, THAT’s been relaunched as of last Thursday but fortunately you can watch online too), and sometimes I do scribbles for those doods for glory and lulz. NSFW will be airing its 100th episode tonight (7pm on the west coast), doubling as a Halloween special, and odds are you may spot this piece somewhere! 400+ viewers for the live show and several thousand more after the fact via podcast downloads is nothing to sneeze at. Let’s hope it gets me more Twitter followers. :D

I won’t even begin to make excuses for my rediculous Mario nerdery that bled through here. :P

Elsewhere in the ramen world, uh… apparently I have Lazrigees Academy for November? Hm… Not sure how to go about that– pick up where I left off last year, or what… Maybe I could tackle some of the teachers this time.

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