(WIP) Death Maximillian

Must finish this already… Still tempted to drop much of the villain mob except for Baphomet and Astral Dragon. I dunno. But yes, this needs to be done already, I have other Ramen pieces waiting.

Also, as you can see, Blastoise now packs Painter 12. It’s awesome but it’s also a little demanding on him if I have too many layers visible. Not surprising. Dood could stand to be rebuilt (he last transmigrated in ’07) but otherwise is still holding up for now. I’m also surprised his primary monitor hasn’t crapped out yet, though I likely just jinxed myself by saying that. :P

I haven’t equipped Dinah with Painter 12 yet… HOPEFULLY the code I bought for Blastoise* comes with more than one charge. If stupid product activation gives me trouble… >_>;

* I did say, quite awhile back, that I’d actually BUY Painter this time. “Putting money where mouth is,” etc. etc. See also: Chrono Trigger DS

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