Double Complete Drama Queen!

You know, I was all about to post some redonkulous “whee, my mother is a blowhard drama queen” rant and she’s all moping because I misplaced my toolkit and can’t transplant one of her precious machines but… I’m just sick of the whole matter already, and feeling like I can’t make one little error without risking a meltdown that may or may not trigger threats of divorce, among other things, so I’ll just do this instead:

T [info]brendala, I may have left my toolkit at your house, and I am a moron for not having thought to look for it before today. So, um, if it is over there, I don’t suppose you could drop it off at my house tomorrow (at your convenience, of course), even if you have to stuff it in my mailbox? >_>; I have a replacement toolkit on order for future redundancy, but… yeah. Terribly sorry for my shenanigans. -_-;

The only things keeping today from completely going down the crapper? Chicken parmesan sammich with my pizza, and new Law and Order SVU episode… starting right now. :O

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