(WIP) Snowman Trap… Part the Triple

One can customize Frost Wave to change the visuals of its “hold” — in this case, it takes the form of holding the target in a snowman.
Frost Wave has the additional distinction of ignoring elemental resistances, so even Yoshi, who is water element, cannot resist being suspended in a Frost Wave hold.
Lock her down, and then Velan (who is not inked because I’m scaling him down and sticking him behind a giant pile of snowballs) and Numair can either pelt her with snowballs, or, well… Numair did just get a beta ammo sphere to enable Ice Missile on his Stinger Missile Launcher… >:D

Yoshi’s the only portion getting inked because snow is almost always rendered solely with drybrush. I already explained Velan’s lack of inking… Numair isn’t in (yet) but he’ll be added before I’m done.

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