White Turkeys

Hurr durr Thanksgiving. Thankfully (hah!) there was no drama. Actually, it may have been kind of awesome. Aside from food, things usually entail a movie or two– in this case, Robert brought in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. In some bizarre way it was like watching a mashup of Napoleon Dynamite and NSFW (my favorite podcast ever), the latter probably because of all the Zelda sound effects scattered through. XD

After that mother wanted Eat, Pray, Love. Bah. Screw that noise, bro and I talked WoW instead. It turned into some bizarre form of 20 questions about his characters, hee hee hee. Some gems from the chatter:
Akaycia really is a (intentional misspelling and) reference to the tree (this one had been bothering me for months and ranks all time 2nd place to the origin of Numair’s name)
– Bro is stupidly amused by the very existence of Dinalesca, of all my characters. “How the hell do you get from a robot ninja girl to a Night Elf Rogue Engineer?!” or something. (fyi, Robert does not know that Dinah’s RL body is now a MacBook.)
– Bro’s plot to roll a Draenei Pally (Edira) to grandfather in the horse mount was for naught. It got changed into an elekk anyway. Sad bro is sad. :(
– “For the Horde!” rolls off the tongue much better than “For the Alliance.”
– The “Lich King liek HUEG SAMMICH” meme? It’s spreading. XD
– We also really hate that you cannot have spaces (and therefore surnames) in character names.
– I, uh, think I’ve permanently tainted bro into associating Kael’thas with naked Raiden (same VA). Why is it that whenever I mention Raiden, everyone defaults to THAT part of MGS2? XD;
– Robert is like me in that we would probably be competent RPers if we weren’t such damned control freaks… so instead we just go nuts writing the background and such instead. I had never really thought him to be the sort but he actually puts quite a bit of effort into researching names and whatnot. Once more I have invited him to throw his hat into the wiki (since he’s technically Across)

Semi-related: I have been spared from having to call in mother for transportation to the doctor’s office. The last thing I need is to have my blood pressure artificially jacked up because of her being a drama monster in the car and making me late again. Robert is stepping in for this (and if I interpret correctly, he also volunteered for the DMV stuff too, awesome). Don’t need to invent a cover story, really… ’cause chances are, mother would still be asleep by the time I go. XD

White Ninja, Day 3:

It’s been said that nobody writes viruses for the Mac because it’s more worthwhile to go after Windows machines, therefore there is no need to slap antivirus on Dinah. Yet, there’s another camp that says it would still be prudent to give her an AV program anyway. Do I, or not? That is ze question. :P

Dinah talking to Blastoise and Yggdrasil is pretty easy if she’s in the same LAN. It’s when she wanders away that things start breaking… or do they? In theory, doing a “connect to server” via their Hamachi IPs should work.

Dinah is now fully Skype-functional. (If you are packing an iPhone 4 or the newest iteration of the iPod Touch, Dinah is also capable of Facetime!) I’ll put my details in a locked post shortly, but you’ll now be able to bark at me… perhaps even on video GASP.

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