(Lazrigees Academy) Design: Meta-Binary

Refined concept… but just line art, and just for Hikaru this time because I took too long.

Ended up going with a floppy ribbon after all. Also removed the stripe on the second uniform’s skirt.
As for the “Magical Maximillian” (far-right)… yeah, I don’t love this. Most of it is because I constrained it to a template, but otherwise something feels a bit off here… I’ll play with it separately from the others. Pretty much the idea behind that one is that it’s a magical girl version of the Maximillian, and is intended to look a little more, uh, “homemade” compared to the other variants because it’s assembled in a very, very short timeframe. Also? HURR DURR PIGTAILS.

I think I’ll post the color concepts of this and Numair’s set later today and then just go right into the actual pieces, and do the other characters as I go. The generic uniforms more or less account for 80% of the design work, everything else is just tweaks/add-ons to this.

I WOULD be going to bed right now (I should have at least an hour ago) but mother decided OMG MUST VACUUM THE SECOND LEVEL RIGHT NOW. Starting with my room. x_x Hopefully this doesn’t end with Raging Drama Queen shenanigans…

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