(Lazrigees Academy) Design: Binary

October = start of holiday season. In the world of Awesome Metaguild Across, this of course means three themed months of Instant Ramen Shenanigans. Yes, the art will flow in abundance once more!

Overriding Halloween this year (and extending through November) is a new theme, Lazrigees Academy. Basically, take Ragnarok TWILIGHT and slap every freaking anime high school trope you can think of onto it. Oh, and don’t strip anyone of their powers– it’s more fun if everyone gets to keep their magic, even if it also jacks up the repair bill.

There will probably be a lot of Disgaea and Ar Tonelico references in here (I love how Ar Tonelico totally screws with the school tropes in the Cosmospheres). Oh well.

I caught a bit of a second wind about… 5 hours ago? Was going to head to bed early, and then, whoosh! After hashing some kind of background out, I put together the barebones of Lazrigees Academy’s uniform designs, as modeled by Hikaru and Numair (though it’s not unreasonable that some others may have some sort of custom elements). Caveat: these value speed and concept over accuracy/detail (especially in the hands).

Let’s begin with Hikaru. It’s so weird to see her in a skirt, isn’t it? Even she knows how awkward it is. If she could, she’d probably prefer a pantsuit. :) I’ve not decided on a color scheme but part of me wants to port over the color schemes for the PAF (brown for males, blue for females).
The second sketch (from left) would be for fall/winter, thus the jacket and longer socks. Not too crazy about the tie… I may revert it back to the first version. Or put a floppy ribbon instead…?
The third one is the P.E. uniform. Poor Hikaru, as a girl she gets the mega-short shorts! (It’s all about fan service in the end, isn’t it?) It would make more sense for her to tie up her hair so it won’t get in the way, but at the same time, anything to keep the likes of Denlan from fixating on her butt while running laps, right?
Finally… the swimsuit. Since this is a school, it’s one-pieces or bust. (hur hur, bust) This time she does tie up her hair, with the aid of a bubble scrunchie and Poring-tipped hairpins.

And on the boy’s side, we have Numair. The base/summer outfit is reminiscent of Evangelion, isn’t it? Maybe not so much once I apply color. :P
Second from the left is the fall/winter variant… pretty much a business suit. I considered giving him glasses here (same scenario as Croix of Ar Tonelico 2– they come off for battle) and I haven’t decided if I’ll still do it. Hm.
Third is the P.E. uniform. Doesn’t change much except that, as a boy, Numair gets longer shorts. Hikaru’s probably giving him the envy glare over that. :)
And, of course…
…really? Did you really think I would just put swim trunks on Numair and be done with it? That’d be too easy, to go the simple bare-chested+trunks route. This pseudo-scuba suit would be much more fun! Also it’s very Sneaking Suit-like, and you know how much I like that thing.

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