Pizza Wednesday, doods. Ordinarily I’d raid Pizza Hut for their half-priced wings, but… whaaaat? Papa Johns has a new rewards program?


I love this. You know how there used to be commercials about bankers literally competing (or rather, auditioning) for some dood’s business? I have this going on with my pizza overlords. After all this time, I still can’t choose if I absolutely prefer Pizza Hut or Papa Johns.

In other news… Expect a layout shakeup on the main Ayarane Project main feed within the week. Still thumbing through layout candidates that I would, of course, be tweaking the ever-loving smoo out of. Also as part of the deal, I’ll be enabling commenting on the main feed; I’d disabled them so I could try and shunt everything into the LJ version but that doesn’t appear to be working and the FB version attracts its own chatter on occasion… so I may as well just open the floors on all sides. :P (Tip: You may want to register on Gravatar if you’re not already on there. Just saying~)


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