(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) FE Bromide 2.0 “Shining Azure”

Shiny armor is shiny!
Remake of Hikaru’s original FE Bromide. Numair’s probably getting a remake, too, but I’ve not yet decided on how that’ll look.

Also, I’m going to preemptively address a particular detail– that is Excalibur that Hikaru’s about to draw out. Not a…
Maybe I should have just given her Omega Crescent, I forgot how Excalibur has a handle that has unintentional phallic optics if you can’t see the rest of the sword. (Of course, I remember a “WTF OUT OF LEFT FIELD” moment in Level 2 Drawing back at Chaffey in which my otherwise-awesome professor pulled some crazy interpretation about Excalibur and now I can’t unsee it and ohgod why am I going there?!)

I’m going to sit over there now.

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