Countdown to Yoshi Day Episode 26, T-23 hours!

It dinged midnight of the 31st, and right away Semagic flashes the “dude, tomorrow is [info]ayarane‘s birthday!” And surely I’ll be getting those automated forum messages (because some places I frequent are a day ahead). :P

Weather widget wavers between calling for rain or lightning on Thursday… Wrath of Tellah much?

Moar details re: House Ayarane end of Yoshi Day stuff:
– Cake: half-sheet, chocolate buttercream, will be ready on Thursday at 2pm
– …which also implies that my brother may be coming over instead of him kidnapping me for the day. I’ll have to bother him when I log into WoW later today and find out what’s happening >_>;
– ThinkGeek order is also supposed to arrive on Thursday. I WILL HAVE MY FUNNY HAT.
– How to Train Your Dragon… I must see this movie (because my late-night overlord Craig Ferguson is in it, for one thing >:D)

On stuff not related to Yoshi Day…

Happy birthday to Maaya Sakamoto, the JP voice of Aura (.hack) and Lightning (FFXIII), to name a couple. Check that Wikipedia entry, particularly the listing of American movies that she’s worked on the Japanese dub for. XD (I want to watch Land Before Time in Japanese now….)


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