(WIP) Ships DO grow on trees!

…or do trees grow on ships?

I don’t usually draw mecha or air/spacecraft (even though I burned away WAY too many weekends assembling such things out of Lego bricks as a kid) but… I don’t know. I must have been browsing the /mecha/ board on Wakachan and next thing I know, Painter’s open.

This, of course, is Yggdrasil in mecha form. And by mecha, I mean spaceship. I figure a media server would translate best as a ship rather than a giant robot. You would think that because his avatar is based on Fusoya, I’d duct tape a giant freaking beard on his spaceship form… no. :P I do, however, figure that it’d involve a Lost Universe-like arrangement in which Yggdrasil’s avatar would be present on his ship as a hologram.

Avatar Yggdrasil’s power as being a megacaster would translate to spaceship form– twin laser cannons, as you can see, but like any self-respecting spaceship he’d have missiles– bonus points if they’re anime-grade missiles and can bend at 90-degree angles FOR NO REASON– and a supercannon hidden somewhere. (Indignation in laser form?!) And as for healing? Hm… I’d imagine he’d have external ports that Blastoise and Dinah could latch onto for speedy repair-and-reload stops.

Ah, it’ll be fun to color this. :O

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