(WIP) Bi-chromal

Start time for today’s session: about 1:30
End time: 7:40
Subtract about… 30 minutes because I was writing the previous post, and another 20 or so since I paused to order pizza/went downstairs to claim pizza. So, roughly 5 hours for this chunk of progress.

While I’m at it: Pizza Hut, I love you guys but you lose one point today for (presumably accidentally) putting in a bone-in piece in my Garlic Parmesan BONELESS wings. I take a bite in the biggest piece and I’m all “WTF BONE” and end up having to eat around it and… yeah, not fun. But since these things are otherwise the equivalent of Yoshi Crack I’ll forgive you, since this minor act of fail was nowhere NEAR as bad as epic fail as when you guys botched my Yoshi Day pizza in ’04 (ordered large hand-tossed, sausage+pepperoni, got medium thin crust mushroom and I think it was either olive or pepperoni…)

Blarharhar… now to decide if I go junk on New SMB Wii or go bother Robert and Boss in WoW. ;P

Finally, if you are so inclined… I can has mailbag tiem?! Why not.

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