(WIP) Throwing the Line

I may be stating the obvious but it seems I get more drawing done reeeeeeeeally late at night. ;P

…Defeen will never, EVER stop amusing the ever-loving smoo out of me. That grin, dear god that grin. “I’M AWESOME” or something, matched only by Lord Numair being a smug bastard.

Also I wonder if the heater is rigged to go off more often during the night. It’s actually… kinda warm on the 2nd floor, enough for me to shower without risk of catching cold (and it would also explain why Kestine and Daisy have taken to sleeping closer and closer to the heater grate near my room). But now I can’t do it because it will wake those freaking bulldogs and thus their Cacophony of WOOF will wake everyone else and… yeah, that’s not good.

Also ALSO: I finally got around to watching those Slayers Revolution episodes that Funi posted on the YouTubes. Ah, it’s just like old times. I’ll have to slap a preorder on it… is Funi going right to a season box (considering it’s only 13 episodes) or individual disc releases with a season box later? I’d rather get it all at once, really.

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