(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Snowscheme ’09 Part 6: Phil Day

For this, we must go back in time… or at least, anytime before M.E. 1966.

Like demons need an excuse to party it up.
Yet… 12/17 = Phil Day. It used to be that for elves, the idea of a royal birthday party was some stuffy-ass ball in the castle. Not anymore after Yggdrasil officially allied with the demons of neighboring Niflheim!
And damn right, Paring’s gonna pull out all the stops and haul his Santa Prinny Squad and other demon flunkies with him across the border to turn Yggdrasil into EPIC DANCE PARTY. Hell, make it an island-wide Christmas party while he’s at it, given the proximity to 12/25.
It gets broadcast on Asgard Network, of course– Paring himself serves as the MC, but hands the mic over to Phil to let the old dude say a few words for the crowd (and to yuk it up for photographers).

Also… Prinny cameraman.

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