(WIP) Prinnies and Lights and the ALLIANCE THAT SHOULDN’T BE

WIP time because I started late and I’m not sure if I can finish before conking out:

This is a combination of “MOAR LIGHTS” and “Santa Prinny Squad” from the queue. First off, yes we DO have Prinnies in Ragnarok TWILIGHT and they’re every bit as lazy as the ones found elsewhere except here they actually get paid a decent wage so they’re more likely to, you know, work and such.

Secondly… oh snap, this time Numair’s going to help Velan wire the castle with lights?! WTF?! Because normally it’s Numair holding Hikaru back from footstomping Velan into oblivion as she thinks he means to blow up the castle. But it seems that [info]neophoenixte is really NeoTimTaylorTE* and has a taste for overkill on light displays, and such must be reflected here. While Velan is usually involved in a tertiary role in all of Haruko’s pranks that she plays on Numair, on occasion Numair and Velan actually do get along… if only because Velan is useful for cookies on demand. I imagine their alliance this time involves cookies.

The Prinny Squad here, though, freaks out all the same. “They’re teaming up, dood!” “We’re screwed, dood!” “Hikaru’s not gonna like this, dood!” and such.

Now, there’s a bit of a technical snafu that I decided to keep in here for hilarity. See, in this world, electrical devices are powered by mana, so things like outlets are… not necessary– power is sucked from free mana in the air. Yet in these pics, there is a power outlet! Nonsense, because one need only cast a very low-level lightning spell to start up string lights. But… I’m leaving in the outlet because it’s always been there and to imagine Hikaru freaking out as Velan VERY SLOWLY about to plug in the lights is funny. :P

* I always liked the Christmas episodes of Home Improvement. Sneakiest under-the-radar method of saying “asshole neighbor” ever– dude, Doc Johnson, the Proctologist? XD Sailed over my head as a kid, but now… hm. I think I should go raid YouTube now…

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