Loot fodder, already

WTF. I may have to ask for an iPod Touch (I like Verizon too much to consider jumping ship to AT&T for the iPhone). I thought the whole “lol app for that” was kinda lame but now all these cool things are surfacing: Slingplayer, LogMeIn Ignition and now EFFING TRILLIAN! Hell, I think there’s even a Metal Gear on that, too.

(Corel, while it may very well be technically impossible, if you make an iPod Touch/iPhone port of Painter, I’ll… er… I don’t know what I’d do aside from LOL FOREVER. I know there are already drawing apps but if there are actually any apps remotely approaching that level…)

Anywho, the other purpose for this post: now that Thansgiving has GTFO…. CHRISTMAS TIME, HELL YEAH.
The Christmas icon comes out now for the LJ edition (because everyone likes cats ‘n racks) and I need to go find my widdle 1-foot tree with the blue lights. Also Snowschemes imminent! While Yggdrasil can function well enough as an Instant Ramen machine (Painter on an HDTV… *Homer drool*), Blastoise will get awakened tomorrow for some hot Ramen action. Mwahahahaha!

I’ll end with a relevant Craig Ferguson youtube… because I’m a awful, awful fangirl. >:P

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