A shiny delayed is a little shinier

Dear loyal Across minions (and other relevant parties):

As you know, a new machine joined my network last month. However, the unexpected situation regarding his motherboard… ended with me burning that pile of coins I was going to use to spoil you all. >_>;;; Terribly sorry about that. I know, Christmas isn’t supposed to be fixated on loot and such (me, I like the light displays and food more than anything these days) but it cannot be denied that deep down everyone likes a little shiny. AND I HAPPEN TO LIKE SPOILING MY MINIONS BECAUSE THEY ARE AWESOME AND SHOWING UP EMPTY-HANDED IS KINDA MADE OF FAIL, OKAY?!


BUT… I reload the Magic Coin Block in the first week of January (and because it appears CD rates are doomed to continue sucking for a long time, I’m just going to empty the contents of the Bigger Magic Coin Block into my on-site Magic Coin Block and my Reserve Coin Block). And in Ragnarok TWILIGHT there is a certain holiday that falls on January 25… one I shall co-opt for my own ends in addition to its real-world parallel of conveniently falling on [info]neophoenixte‘s birthday. Crimson Day, anyone? :D

So, please be assured that your overlord is not some coin-pinching twit who is holding out on you for the holidays, it was just bad timing (or rather, me failing to check to see if that inherited motherboard actually worked before I threw it inside Yggdrasil). >_>;

In the meantime, I must find warm munchies (because holy crap cold room is COLD) before I fire up Painter for Snowscheme-y awesome.
Or Robert summons me into WoW.
Whichever happens first.



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