Ninjas Go Next

Who is a bonehead and did an OS install at 2am? Yeah, me.

Dinah was FAR less painful, though… she went slightly faster, possibly because she’s 32-bit still. Once again Hamachi was an ass and refused to import my keys though I think this may be more due to the infrastructure overhaul they did in the process of revamping the whole damn thing.

The other WTF factor was her network. No, seriously, WTF Dinah– you’ll use your onboard wireless-G chip but not this much-better wireless-N card? (Disabling the G chip makes her COMPLETELY blind to networks– even on her N card.) I’ll put up with it for now, but when I can make my N card usable… >_>;

Didn’t even bother backing up Dinah’s music and such since 1) it’s all duplicates from Blastoise and 2) they got shoved into Windows.old anyway. Merely a matter of moving ’em into the proper folders. I’m not slapping my MMOs on her this time, as while she runs MUCH faster under 7 than she did on Vista, her graphical capabilities are greatly outdated at this point. Best to let Dinah stick to what she does best: flipping out and pulling stuff quickly. That and Yggdrasil is taking over as a secondary gaming machine.

This just leaves the assembly of Yggdrasil in the morning… or afternoon… and mother’s machines whenever she finishes consolidating her crap. :P *thud*

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