(WIP) /gg moon

Blaaaah. As badass as this looks, I’ve been at it since… I dunno, 10pm YESTERDAY? I don’t remember. Lots of zooming at 400-500% and , believe it or not, the shiniest parts are actually done with the Cover Pencil subtool rather than drybrush. And given the INSANE complexity of this paint job (the line art was a bitch? The line art was EASY compared to this)… yeah, I was right to cut dragon!Hikaru from the bromide.

I set my cutoff at 6am (when Morning Joe ends) but I’m burning out already, so I figured I’d just screencap/post another WIP now and pick up again when I wake up.

Don’t mind my bitching too much. I really do like how this bromide is turning out. Yeah. If it’s at the point where I would go as far as to toot my own horn, you KNOW it’s going to be that awesome at completion. :P

Now off to bed before my numb-ass gets even worse. x_x Somebody club [info]xenosphobatic over the head with this WIP…

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