Less Stupid, but Still Stupid

LOL BULLDOGS: Mother NOW realizes the error in her ways. Partially. Putting aside that bulldog anatomy is so screwed up that Wilson can’t put it in (but he can certainly go through the motions!), mother is freaked out by the shenanigans of dogs in heat that as soon as BabyGirl (ugh, still don’t care for such a pretentious name) comes off her doggy period, she’s getting spayed.

…well, yay for that, but what about Wilson? Sadly I think my explanation of the risks of letting him stay as is became another “in one ear, out the other” thing. Wilson is actually the greater of two evils in this case. Unfixed males can learn to be quite destructive in their horniness, not to mention that the longer Wilson goes on this way, the more likely said behavior will stick even after he gets neutered. Yet mother seems to think spaying BabyGirl will make Wilson not be horny anymore. “IDK LOL” right?

Once more, facepalm, apply directly to the forehead.

Suddenly, Fourth Kitty: Parental stupidity does not end there! I’m brought in to meet the newbie… only for mother to freak out because she can’t find said newbie. After turning the master bedroom upside down, turns out the newbie managed to squeeze underneath one of the endtables with really short (and I mean REALLY short) legs and got stuck.

I suggested stuffing ’em with pillows to block them off (else newbie could get stuck in there again), once more mother fails to grasp the logic. She’s also miffed about Chloe hissing at the fourth ktty. Dur hur hur. “She was playful at the shelter!” my foot, changing environments is akin to hitting the reset button on a computer. Did you seriously think they would instantly start playing? The only known exceptions to the standard rules of Kitty Integration is if you adopt siblings from the same litter, or if you adopt mother and baby together (and even THOSE have exceptions).

Mother was all “I know, I’ll buy more toys” and such. No. Stop. Please, I can’t take anymore of this failing to think and make sense. I told her (tactfully, of course, though it was becoming clear that I was losing patience with her tendency to laugh off her stupidity) that it probably isn’t a good idea and that we have LOTS of cat toys and things as is, so much that she’s tripping over them, and she snaps at me for “being negative” and “second-guessing her intentions.”

She’s still whining about not being able to sleep, so I leave so she can nap… and started writing this post, and 10 minutes later she emerges from the master bedroom all “buh I still can’t sleep.”

*insert Charlie Brown-brand “AUGH” here*

I WISH I could just throw up my hands and walk away, I really do.
But, oh no, I’m accused of “sticking my head in the sand” and “being too serious.” When mother and Evil Stepfather go through the day being all “idk lol” about everything, it would be dangerous if I became anything like that (putting aside that it would be completely against my nature). Someone here has to keep a brain… even though my opinion doesn’t count for crap. After all, I am very rarely, if ever, given advanced notice or warning about ANYTHING and if I take the initiative, I’m shouted down for being nosy.
I could bang my head on the wall but that would set off the dogs and I’d get yelled at for that.

….ffff, Evil Stepfather’s camping the living room. I’m SO going to get the glare of death when the pizza guy gets here, because the sight of me offends Evil Stepfather’s sensibilities. Mother, why did you buy this man an MLB subscription for the Roku box when he has a sub for MLB.com on the laptop he never uses, and when you know that this is just inviting him to be more of a jerk when I come crossing through common areas?

…ohgod, PLEASE don’t let the bulldogs loose in there. This house screws over the human residents as is by making it a chore to navigate (in the name of puppy-proofing), it doesn’t need to get worse.

Rampant, RAMPANT stupidity! *throws stack of papers in air*

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