(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Double Feature!

As promised, a Ramen double-hitter.

First up, the sequel to May’s Pundit Brawl, Pundit Kart!
Because, you know, I’m a naughty liberal and worse still, there’s nothing like solving political and pundit-related conflicts with VIDEO GAMES.
Once again, Team MSNBC (represented by Rachel Maddow) takes on Team Fox News (represented by Gretchen Carlson). I want that Rubber Duckie Couch so badly. The real funny, of course, is in the onlookers.

I think I turned David Shuster into Charlie Brown… which is more amusing than it really should be. Yeah, you eat that popcorn, Shu-bot! :P

This was a little late in being publicly posted on regular Ayarane Project; for the time being, political art goes on dA and the two political comms I frequent first. I have also elected not to post WIPs of those here as a courtesy to some of my more conservative peers, since it seems like I’d just be rocking the boat more than necessary. Still, ramen is ramen, and these pieces are really more about the silliness of people in large groups.

Speaking of which…

Elves are NOT Watermelons.
Seriously, they aren’t. Of course, Haruko = too drunk to tell the difference. (Or is she?)

Numair, against his better judgement, let Chelsea and Velan bury him in sand for lulz. (Probably, Velan baited him with cookies.) This, of course, is a ginormous trap in the form of a boozed-up blindfolded Haruko wielding a stick. And poor Hikaru, even on vacation she is still having to be the sole responsible adult in a guild full of crazy people. (You would think the likes of Deeum and Nemesis would be, too, but they booze it up like the rest of ’em. Rineas is too much of an assmunch to care, and Old Lady Kit may LOOK normal but she’s just as bad as Velan in terms of “doing it for the lulz.” :P)

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