This is a Nyer Alert, Part 2


Arr, here be kitty #3. And… it’s a girl kitty! Original shelter designation was Chip, but now she is Chloe and so far she is, like… what happens if you combine the defining features of Kestine and Daisy. Nosy as all hell, but ohgod she purrs so easily and loves to face-shove on you.

She’s a tiny little thing, for being 3 months old, but given the abundance of feeding stations here, she’ll fatten up soon enough. Of course, Kestine and Daisy are all “DO NOT WANT” but if prior experience is any indication, that should be a non-issue in a couple days. We predict that Daisy will end up mentoring little Chloe in the ways of NOSY-FU and kicking Kestine out of the highest nest on the cat towers.

Also… Chloe has Daisy’s birthday (4/15). Tax Day kitteh!

24 reference? That’s what mother will tell you. As far as I’m concerned, this kitty’s named after the badass freaking Tales of Legendia character. >:D

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