Nyer Alert?

We may have a NEW CHALLENGER approaching. Thankfully it is not another bulldog, but rather… a kitty?!

Seems mother has been tracking a litter of tuxedo-coats that have been on display at Petco (presumably on loan from the Rancho shelter?) and has been eyeing one of the males. In fact, had the associate been at the store yesterday she probably would have come home with said kitty… I think she may try again today. o.O I’ll probably be going with since I need to deposit that VPI check I’ve been sitting on for the past couple of weeks. >_>;;;

Obvious cat bias aside, I’m glad I have advanced notice this time. :P
Not to mention… eee, boy kitties! Provided they are neutered before they acquire the bothersome spray ability, they are just big, goofy furballs of cute. :D

…now I want to go find and scoop up Kestine, that big orange love machine.

In other news, I really should figure out what to do in terms of bar scene scribblage.
Oh, my fixation on beer humor, despite being a non-drinker!

*insert Homer-esque “mmm, beer”*


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