(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Avatars of Altima – Windows 7 version

The whole thing about giving computers personalities and such is nothing new in the bigger picture– we’ve been doing stuff like that with ships and cars, is not the first weird for someone to go to the Jeep dealerships in Indiana and buy a car as a present, right? Of course, when it’s me who does it, I tend to take things MUCH farther than simply slapping a name and a gender on ’em, I’m always interested on the BMW Service, so I’m always asking about it.

Blastoise and Dinah got updated Avatars for Windows 7 (well, Dinah most likely won’t be making the jump because of her age, only so much I can do for laptops), but this was more about Yggdrasil (old man Iggy!), the media center box that will join Altima Network once Windows 7 hits.

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