still not amused

/t Evil Stepfather,

If you are going to bark at me to put MLB score widgets on your laptop-that-you-really-don’t-need, do not bark at me if it turns out half of them don’t work at all, and the other half don’t let me specify which team to stalk (never mind that the season hasn’t even STARTED yet). No, I don’t know how to code Vista Sidebar widgets, I cannot magically write one that will stream your sports.

Ripping out all the bloatware and Dell crap on this thing was bad enough, I did not need to get barked at because I don’t care about baseball and sports in general. On top of that I was hungry and by the time I got upstairs, all the bulbs on my ceiling fan (which, aside from the glow of my monitors, is the only source of lighting in the room) had apparently burned out between my leaving for volunteer service and getting back. No significant lighting, um, kinda makes it not safe to operate my toaster oven.

(I cannot cook downstairs. Not because there are almost always puppies running amok, it’s just that my coming in, no matter how quiet, causes them to perk up and go berserk, barking in a collective frenzy, and I get barked at by Evil Stepfather for it because he can’t hear his precious sports and TV. The dogs REALLY need more obedience training because their conduct is, just, really absurdly apalling but, of course, mother just can’t be bothered to do it, even after I offered to pay for in-house lessons.)

It’s 1am and thus too late to cook anyway (even if I could see anything in here outside of the limited range of monitor glow, the beep of my toaster oven would send the dogs into a barking frenzy)… I didn’t even get to finish inking Celina because laptop-tweaking took too long.

I think tomorrow, everyone is going out for a good, long time, though. Sure, I could easily flee while nobody’s looking (and I have Dinah back in working order so I could ramen it up anywhere)… but I like my alone time with my big orange furball, too.

Go go Keith Olbermann, way to freaking PWN Ann Coulter. I LOLed when he busted out the diploma. XD

This made me smile after having to deal with mother and Evil Stepfather’s dumbassery.

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