On spreading the Senator Brawl

This is old news for those who either donated or are otherwise following the Obama campaign, but his crew’s going to tap some of his recent supporters (read: donors) to get front-row seats for his end-of-election event. Despite the fact that even if by some fluke of the universe I get picked, I’d have to decline on account of my drive test, I donated anyway >_>; (Well, I was meaning to make a second donation for awhile… why not?)

While bumming around in CoH, there was some talk about this, and some players who had seen my screencap of the Senator Brawl pic were all “omg if you’re picked, you HAVE to take that pic with you, even if it’s not finished!”


Welp, at the very least, I should post a link to the finished Ramen piece on the Obama Facebook wall, and the Obama HQ blog in addition to my usual locales. Even though people SOMEHOW find excuses to get up-in-arms about anything related to politics…. Senator Brawl, now that I think about it, is less a political commentary and more innocent speculation about what would happen if both tickets played Brawl. Basically, I’m just transplanting everyone’s personalities and circumstances into this hypothetical situation of them playing some Smash Bros.; I have to consider what control method they use, for one thing, and from the responses I’ve gotten so far, it looks like I’m spot on.

It has also been suggested I add in a small plate with a half-eaten slice of sweet potato pie.

I was gonna make dinner before I go ink this thing, but mother ran off and left Evil Stepfather here… and the kitchen is STILL a mess, and there’s pretty much no table room anyway, so the “summon Papa Johns” button gets pressed now. Evil Stepfather can compliment my driving all he wants, but I’m still not subjecting myself to his evil eye, or the whims of wiggly biting puppies alone.

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