Ow my wallet

I’ll say it now, anyone who claims I don’t know the value of money can go jump in a lake.

So… PETS ARE EXPENSIVE. Well, I knew that going in, of course… and I think mother FORGOT that, since it seems my assuming all the vet and insurance expenses was really what enabled her to go expanding the pet population as much as she did.

The English puppies went in for their first screening/vaccine wave today. Also, this month’s bill for pet insurance hit. And then I had to enroll the English puppies on the pet insurance policy. Total for all of that stuff put together… nearly $530. Ow.

BUT, as I said earlier, I don’t let mother go free… she has to reimburse me too. And she also has to pay back all the vet fees incurred until the policy kicks in. (Ah, Wells Fargo customer-to-customer transfers. LOVE.) I’m getting $500 of today’s total bill back. The remaining 30 is for Kestine’s part of the insurance, which I eat because, well, he’s my cat, so while I certainly could be mean and make mother reimburse me for that too, it’d be just a TAD excessive to do it. :P

True, 500 is chump change compared to the $8k total that mother plunked on getting all four dogs, but still… while keeping my bank account from springing a gigantic leak is nice, I think it’s the satisfaction of telling mother “PAY UP, WOMAN” that’s the best part.

okay maybe not in those exact words, but you get the idea.

I’m SO evil. :P

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