Server Migration Part 2

And we’re off. HostRocket will be the new host for Ayarane Project. However, I’ll be keeping the Interscot account open either until the end of the year, or until I am sure that everything that people wanted moved over has been (whichever comes first).

I’ve copied the following folders from the server:
/artwork/ (contains all Instant Ramen and Slacker Sketchbook)
/camera/ (self-explanatory)
/thumbnails/ (also self-explanatory)
/twilight/ (the RT “work” folder)

Copying those didn’t take as OMGLONG as I thought… of course, that’s just downloading. Uploading, well, that’ll be a whole different story. But all in all, it’s barely over 600MB for all that put together (and if I drop the junk _vti_blahblahblah folders, I can probably shave off another 50MB or so)… basically, just an “upload this crap while I sleep” thing.

As far as email accounts go, it looks like only mine’s getting ported over since all the others are basically forwards or abandoned. :P (BUT… new server should allow me to enable self-registration if, for some reason, somebody wants a mailbox. Just saying. :P)

To my knowledge, [info]seraphzero, [info]aethereall, [info]golgicomplex, [info]phrotus and [info]muralasa all have stuff on the Ayarane Project server. If you want to back up those files, please do so as soon as possible. If you want to put them back on the new server, poke me so I can get subdomain accounts created. (And, uh, if you forgot the login for the current server, poke me and I’ll get you that, too.)

I kinda feel bad that I’m going to drop Interscot at the end of the year… they’ve housed my little cardboard box since freaking 2001. Silly, yes, but even breaking customer loyalty is a little sad. :( But, alas, they could not keep up with other webhosts that are floating around. (Something tells me I’m not the only one thinking this.) In the end, this move will be much better for me.

I’m just waiting on the welcome message so I can start the uploads and get WordPress loaded and such. (Oh, that’s going to be interesting… hacking the smoo out of a prepackaged template to make it nice and Yoshi-flavored. Ah, reminds me of when I would clone the look of game menus as blog layouts for Mugendai.) I’m thinking that not only could I stream my LJ, but also my dA posts… fun times ahead!

Still haven’t decided if I’m going to register or some variant of it… well, that’s something I can do anytime, really. :P

EDIT: On an unrelated note!
Mmm, pet insurance.
VPI’s gonna reimburse me for half of the neutering fees. At first I was kinda “wha?” when I looked over the explanation (they’re giving me back only $100 for the actual neutering charge, out of $220-something) but then I remembered that they would probably only cover enough for a basic neuter, and mother piled on a ton of extra services. :P

But, hey… half of a total $650 bill? (Remember, I had both dogs done at the same time.) That’s still pretty freaking nice.

LAWL @ mother, though. “Maybe we can get away with NOT neutering Wilson” (the English Bulldog that Evil Stepfather’s buying her for anniversary) Yeah, right. I can see why if you’re a breeder… which mother is most certainly NOT. Fontana freaking charges you 6 times the normal licensing fee if your dog’s not fixed. What the hell… NOT neutering? That’s just absurd.

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