Server migration

I mentioned this before, that I will be most likely transferring the Ayarane Project (that be to the lot of you!) to a new host.

That “most likely” is pretty much a definite. I’ve already taken over billing for both GoDaddy and the current host (Interscot). And, well… Interscot was great at the time that I got it, but once again, it appears to have made, well, NO attempt at all to evolve with the competition over the years. I mean… basic accounts don’t even get PHP. The most I’ve gotten in the 7 years I’ve been there is… what, a control panel upgrade? Yeah… time to change boats here. As for who will have the honor of hosting my cardboard box… the choice came down to Dreamhost or HostRocket, and I’m leaning towards the latter.

And I should really stop being lazy and fix my front page and such. I’m pretty sure on a new host, I can rig a WordPress installation to grab the RSS for this LJ and stream it. I’ve ideas for how to automate the archival of Instant Ramen, too.

SPEAKING OF RAMEN… that’s actually the most important thing about the upcoming server migration. I’m pretty much going to copy the folders over wholesale, just so I don’t break old posts here. However, new stuff will probably sit on or something of the sort.

Also, for the hell of it… I’m considering registering as an alias. XD It’s, like… why not? Domains are so freaking cheap now, as opposed to 10 years ago where you’d get dinged upwards of $150 or so.

…fadlskjsl I need food.


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