Apparently, slow Yoshi is SLOW.

DMV says I drive hella slow. Racked up too many minor speed infractions (as in, not driving fast enough) and it ends with THANK YOU COME AGAIN. :P

Well, at least this time I got punted because of something I can fix, as opposed to those damned clerical errors.

So I run upstairs to go book attempt #4… oh hi, I have to wait 24 hours before I can book, because apparently DMV SERVERS ARE SLOWER THAN ME in flushing old appointment data out of the system. Damn. They punt me for driving too slow, but they can’t even purge my appointment data without having to take an entire day? Yeesh.

Yeah. I need a “D’oh!” button.

Now for some Obama lulz. Indeed, much lulz was had at this one charity dinner in which he and McCain roasted each other (AND themselves). Now, bias aside, I think Obama’s speech was funnier (I now want that “super Obama” shirt that I saw advertised on Facebook) but McCain had his moments too. :P

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