Ayarane Project

Derpity Derp Derpolicious. Also Derp.

by Yoshi on Feb.24, 2017 | ITP:

Who is a lazy derplord and keeps forgetting to post here? Because Twitter?

Actually no, I blame Legion and FFXIV. Mostly the latter.

Derp kitty

Have a Daisy.

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The Magic Coin Block!

Like the sass and awesome and artwork and other happy things you see on Ayarane Project? Consider tossing a few coins into Yoshi's Magic Coin Block and contribute to the cool. Even better: if you put in 20 coins or more, you get credit towards a Gourmet Ramen piece! This is cumulative-- you can donate smaller amounts in different instances but have it add up-- and scales to the same parameters as Gourmet Ramen commissions.

Of course, if you want to just buy a Gourmet Ramen commission outright, that's fine too! :)

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