Shattered Cone


Remember how I kept saying that I needed a new glasses prescription because my lenses were “failing” stupid-fast?

Well, now we have a reason.

The word of the day is “Keratoconus.” (And this one you can’t pin on my thyroid and weight, mom!) A mostly-genetic-but-otherwise-freakishly-random thing that causes my corneas to thin out, and usually gets interpreted as “your vision sucks, go get some glasses” like, well, everyone else whose vision sucks and need glasses (or contacts, but I’m a damn glasses girl, so nyer). It tends to start when you’re a teenager and just… progresses from there, and peaks in your late-20s/early-30s.

Some background: I got my first pair of glasses when I was 12. In the last 10-ish years, when I would get new prescriptions, they’d have to give me a more powerful one every year, and one noted that it was a little disturbing that such a drastic change was needed in that time frame. The last time I got new glasses was in… 2010?

Since I’m fat, instinct is to say “oh, diabetes, which causes glaucoma.” Except I do not have the diabetes, and I can still see something, it’s just fuzzier and fuzzier (and in my right eye, completely fuzzed-the-hell-out).

Right now my corneas are super-dangerously-thin. The right one’s too far gone, it’s so thin it cracked (thus the white scar that my mother has been flipping out over), but the left one is still usable. FOR NOW. Still, the ophthalmologist-dude says that I’m probably looking at cornea transplants to save my vision. Yeeeeah. I would like to not go blind, I’m a painter (and also a raid healer) and I am sort of useless if I cannot see things in some degree of clarity.

Welp, one more pancake on my giant stack of health problems, I guess. At least this one doesn’t threaten to kill me outright. And that I have Medi-cal to pay for all this, because I’m otherwise screwed, although I’m still caring for my health, with exercise and proteins, since proteinpromo has all the new year deals online.

(Corneal transplants, though… That means someone met an unfortunate end after marking him/herself as an organ donor. Oof. I’m flagged as one myself.)

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