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Instant Ramen Sketchbook – Field Marshal Kiros

by Yoshi on May.12, 2015 | ITP: , ,

My brother is a badass!Well that finished up quickly. Look at this badass. :D

As I said before, I threw out his current transmog and just played with the design. The shoulders are a simplified recolor of the ones Admiral Taylor’s packing (which I believe are themselves a tweak of the Hunter PVP shoulders?), but I more or less just invented the rest. The exceptions are the sword and shield, which are clearly the Grand Marshal’s Longsword and the Royal Crest of Lordaeron.

As for the video render, that will take at least a day or so to put together. Basically, Blastoise has to render one big video of all the capture sessions at its original length (over 10 hours!) before he can squish it down. The software I’m using won’t let me pre-squish the individual capture sessions, so that’s how it has to be.

After the initial export is done, I’ll do the commentary track and lop off the taskbar (it’s a little distracting in preview, since Blastoise has rotating wallpapers and his taskbar is transparent) and punt the whole thing to YouTube.

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