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(Instant Ramen Sketchbook) Attack of the Night Frogs wearing Pants

by Yoshi on Aug.20, 2014 | ITP: , ,


from left: Scott Johnson, Brian Brushwood, Justin Robert Young, Tom Merritt

So the Painter 2015 update dropped literally in the middle of this painting, which kinda put things back a bit. What else set me back? Oh, losing two hours worth of work yesterday, when I was doing final cleanup on this thing! I am normally super-diligent about saving, but I guess I was a bit lax because I was near the end. The price of my arrogance is that not only did I have to restart from having two of the face panels painted, I missed a chance to possibly get this mentioned on the Morning Stream. D’oh!

This turned out to be more of a collection of face studies rather than a full-blown epic scene, but… Painter update. New software kinda demands I ratchet back a bit until I feel like I got a grip on things… but that didn’t take long.

With this done, I can now open back up for Gourmet Ramen commissions! I may nibble on some other things on the side, but I am at your beck and call. Click that Gourmet Ramen link there to see the details and pricing!

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