Oh bother.

Hello. I’m about to lose my DVR and cell phone service because of… stuff and things. Short version: Evil Stepfather sucks at coin management.

Losing DVR I don’t mind so much since I can just torrent everything I want, but the phone… well, I can save the number via Google Voice, but just having one is a symbol, you know? Of my personal agency…

Before anyone says anything, this probably was going to happen even if I’d left earlier, so please resist going down that route. (If mother’s hysterics carry an ounce of credibility, I may be gone in the next month or so ANYWAY…)

I really hope this isn’t another bluff, like the many times mother has played at divorce, or we’re all going to look very silly tomorrow. As is, I don’t like reporting on most of the infighting I’m made to listen to because a lot of the divorce threats turn out to be empty BS, and I end up looking like I’m crying wolf.

Also I am lothe to say this, but I really do need help with the Magic Coin Block, more than I accounted for. I need to be pulling in at LEAST $20 a month to fend off vital service fees. I’ve been trying to troll for commissions but that’s not happening as much as I want, so… argh, time to pass the Block around for any direct aid. Anything in increments of $20 gets you a credit towards a SD Single Gourmet Ramen commission, first-come first serve. The paypal ya want is ayarane [ AT ] adelphia.net if you can…

I think above all else, I have to not look upset or anything of the sort. Mother is easily agitated right now and the last thing I need is more lecturing of her to dropkick me back into a depressive funk, because Extremely Sad Yoshi = not doing any painting = interferes with commissions = not making money. FML doesn’t even BEGIN to describe the mess in my head.

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