(Yoshi Suggests) Pizza Hut Sliders

It’s time for a pizza edition of Yoshi Suggests. Today’s experiment in nom is the Slider from Pizza Hut. It’s an event item that’s been around for a couple weeks but I’ve not yet gotten to looting some myself. Since this is a Yoshi Suggests post, this of course means I approve enough to endorse a buy.

Recall when Pizza Hut rolled out their Garlic Bread Pizzas. Basically, this is the Pan Crust version of ’em. Seems someone took my “offer a smaller version” hint to heart, since this one comes in two varieties: a 9-pc version for $10, and a 3-pc version for $5. I looted the 3-piece version.

First off, you get to configure EVERY SINGLE ONE. You heard me. Every one of those Sliders is customizable, so you really could have a unique pizzaling if that’s what you wanted. Good if you have a group of picky eaters or really felt like sampling every freaking topping that’s out there. Of course, these are rather small so you can only shove so many topping bits on here. You are capped at 3 topping selections to each Slider, and since this is Pizza Hut, extra cheese is excluded as a topping selection. :P

Now, as to whether or not I’d take the 9 over the 3-pc version… well, that depends on how much you like Pan Crust. As in, do you like the actual crust, because most of the time you’re going to be munching on the crust side and maybe get one or two out of the center. Pan Crust is also infamous for having INCREDIBLY BUTTERY BOTTOMS because of the spray on the pan to, you know, keep the dough from sticking. Also, this particular Pizza Hut merely squirted a small blob of sauce in the center before putting on the cheese and topping– yes, you can actually see a dark puck where the sauce is underneath that cheese. If you’re like me and looted something else that comes with marinara, and you want a little more sauce, these dunk quite easily!

I will repeat my recommendation from the Garlic Bread Pizza version– Sliders work far better as a side item than as a standalone, both from price and how long you can stomach Pan Crust. Granted, the 9pc version is a better deal since it’s basically a buy 2x of the 3pc and get an additional 3pc for free… Anyway, if you’re feeding a big group, I’d get these as a side item and loose ’em on your friends, especially if they’re chomping at your ankles for some munchies while you’re setting up the main event. :D

You know what would be awesome, though? If Pizza Hut could apply the Slider concept to their Chocolate dunkers. Oh man. THAT would be… almost illegal. Chocolate Dunkers, if you’ve not had them before, is basically Pan Crust-type breadsticks with Hershey chocolate+white chocolate kibble and melted chocolate dip. Yes, Pizza Hut’s dough is malleable enough that it can function as a dessert medium.

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