Small pile of win

O hi.

I’ve been on a bit of an Angry Birds bender, particularly AB Space. This time I’m actually trying to 3-star each level rather than just get enough to advance. :P

I’m in the Utopia map and… OMG I want a plush version of the Fat Pig. I already have the mega-size version of the Minion Pig but that’s not the same. Fat Pig is the Bad Piggies’ version of Big Brother Bird/Terence, and is only that huge because it ate an Eggsteroid. I love these dorky pigs. XD

oh crap, January is almost over already? That leaves Feb and March, and then… Yoshi Day Episode 29. I’m telling you the days before that pass by so fast. Mmmm, cake…

It was semi-spur of the moment and all-ham-and-cheese and also a grown-up version of that “Star of the Week” bit from elementary school but I was on TWiT earlier today. Most Saturdays @ 2pm-ish, MAD Magazine’s Dick DeBartolo (yes, THAT one) takes up the stream for shenanigans with the chat room, and the opening act is a video chat with a “volunteer sucker” from the chat room. And today, that sucker was me. :D

Well, for what it’s worth, and in light of my amazingly awful perma-congested voice (WHYYYYY), it does translate to free publicity and in turn translated to another commission in the queue. Hot!

I get a little bit of loot from this nonsense, too. Autographed copy of the current MAD Magazine and something else. Admittedly, the last time I read MAD was… uh… when Star Trek Voyager just started airing, because I remember the doodle that nicknamed Neelix as Kleenex.

One tiny snag: TWiT’s archives are broken and don’t have working sound, so I can’t get a YouTube version yet. I’m working on getting this captured. I forget that outside of this part of the internet, getting to talk to the Giz Wiz is a big freaking deal. :P

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