WTF Alert



What constitutes the parental management (mother and stepfather)? Well, that’s about to vanish into ether. Yes. Divorce. Oh my stars and 1up mushrooms, here comes a clusterfwegh.

On the upside, it means that hateful old man will be gone, meaning I can GO DOWNSTAIRS and even though for the moment we will still have bulldogs (they won’t be sustainable for much longer, though… as we downsize in preparation to leave this house eventually most of the pets will have to go, but Kestine is immune for reasons of my mental health. Seriously, you will have to pry that cat from my frozen corpse), I would much rather deal with CACOPHONY OF WOOF than the glaring eye of the evil stepfather.

The clusterfwegh is that without Evil Stepfather’s retirement income, being able to live in this house on the longterm? Uh, no. Not doable. There’d be no way I can accelerate my plot to fix myself and get my license in time. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get my glasses now, or if it would be more appropriate to fling the coins at whatever expenses pop up, d’oh… I hate being useless as an unemployed, partially-technically-disabled person in this situation.

I imagine there will be some parties coming along interested in helping, and for that I thank you. All I can think of is… well, if you have any commissions you’d like, I could really, REALLY use those. Not only for the coins, but just to keep my mind off the drama that’s going down here. :|

$20 for one instance / $50 for 3 (or a giant mob scene) / Name-your-price for any “special” projects

And that’s all, doods.

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